Looking to get into the world of medium format

So I have been looking to get into medium format photography for a bit now and I believe I am ready to jump in. I just wanted to ask a few questions to those who are more familiar with the field so I can get a better understanding of what I’m getting myself into. whatsapp plus

I’m looking to get a Zenza Bronica ETR. What are your thoughts on this camera?

I kinda want to get a cheaper MF camera to learn on(<$100). Is it worth it? Or should I just save for something better? (I should mention that I do have a camera collection so even if I don’t use it professionally, it would be another camera).whatsapp web

Is the practicality of using a MF camera for portrait photography worth it for the increased quality? Or is the price of film and development not worth it for the better quality?

What are your experiences with MF and there any unforeseen things that have happened to you? (For instance, when I first started shooting 35, I screwed up a roll because I wasn’t told (or just forgot) about the spool release button). routerlogin

Any other things I couldn’t think of is appreciated! Thanks in advance