smillies pls.

How about a few nice little smiley icons to use when called for.they don't have to be loud in your face...I think there's quite a few of us may like the option to use them........

then again.I am sure there will be plenty that won't too......but I think used in the correct manner may be nice.Regards Sue..


SUE and LUCKY..just call me    Mrs Early Bird.....x

Our house operate's  soley for our animals and birds......Love me love my animals........


  • I agree ,i love them and most sites do have them.I think a smilie face can lighten a comment that may  otherwise be misunderstood.I am a bit of a joker so always worried i am taken the wrong way .

    Like you,i believe used in the correct manner they are a great addition :0)



    An optimist sees the beauty of the complete rose.A pessimist sees only the thorn .