2 baby hedgehogs arrived & look far too tiny to hibernate! Help....

Hello guys,

I have numerous hedgehogs that come every night to feed at my feeding station. I also have adult female that's already in hibernation in my shed. About a week ago I got 2 tiny hogs appeared. They look very young. They have been coming every night & feeding so they look & act healthy enough. I'm just getting anxious now as the weather getting colder. I also have 4 hedgehog homes in my garden & it does look like 1 of the hogs is sleeping in one.

Please any help is appreciated. I obviously don't want to get involved if I don't have to. I'm just scared that they will go to sleep & not wake up. I also have never even held 1 before! 


  • Hi Jojo

    You don't say where you are but you could try looking on here to see if there is anyone in your area to give you help/advice https://helpwildlife.co.uk/map/   or try googling hedgehog rescue, then try the RSPCA as a last resort.

    There is also Tiggywinkles for advice who say they should be around 600g to hibernate, to weigh them you will need garden gloves or a towel to avoid the spines, they will naturally curl up into a ball to be picked up if you want to weigh them.

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  • Great advice from Alan ... please do pick them up & weigh them ... at that light weight you won't even need gloves, you won't hurt them & are easy to handle once in a ball! I use a plastic dish weighed first to get exact weight of Hoggie on my electronic scales set to grms! There are many dedicated Hedgehog centres but most are full of late underweight youngsters this year but ready to advise on health checks & overwintering in safety!


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