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    Perhaps this threads should be read again.

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    Well found + good idea Tiger!! Just read most of this + there are lots of varying opnions + good ideas ;-)) But how sad to see how many faces are no longer around :-((

    For me the thing that comes out over + again, is that the Good Egg was to be for a member of the forum who continually emphasises the positive aspects of the community. Not an individual one off post how ever good. If the Mods wish to point us towards a post that they feel reflects the RSPB's opinion + give the post an award + 'sticky', it for a month till the next is awarded then they can. A different name would be best for this.

    As said a Good Egg is about more than 1 post/reply. It is about all aspects of the said member + how they conduct themselves here. My personal opinion is that if a GE no longer does this that the Mods should be able to remove it from said person.

    Is there any reason why we can't vote for the person we as a community feel best reflects what we feel is important. There must be a way to nominate a member in an undisclosed post whom we feel is a worthy recipient, if we feel motivated to do so.

    Sorry sitting in the garden looking after the 4 kids so not the best thought through post!!

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    As a Good Egg award person - I thought it was a good feature to have on the 'old hat' forum....but now we have moved on to higher technical things Facebook/Twitter as additional features - so that means more members for and in the future.

    Even though we still have our Good egg Awards, we are still valid GE award people, as individual (decisions 100 per cent made by the moderators each time)

    I feel it would be good to give other members their chance to be in the limelight for whatever amount of time now.... ie Bob Philpot  at the moment.

    My belief that the moderators should take an impartial view of all members, so it is the best all round for all individual members of the RSPB. 

    Individuals who contribute their quota to the post input with other outside parties/members making decisions for them on their behalf to me is not the right way to go about things on here

    Just IMHO


    Kathy and Dave