Presence of RSPB experts on these forums

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    And it's a good alternative Nigel, and I think I'll---in future---be doing just that.

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    For a number of reasons, MrGDB, I do hope you're wrong.

    If you're right, however, it's nice to be here during the fading away stage...

  • I miss the days when Claire (Mrs T) was working for rspb and was kind enough to comment on posts, set quizzes and also help with questions. My main concern is that no request for help or advice should go unanswered as some can be quite urgent and most folk tend to use this community to ask seek that help. I have tried ringing rspca when an urgent case has come my way and you can't often get through on the phone even when you press the number on selection for urgent cases. With my meagre 8 years of experience regarding birds, I do not have the full confidence or expertise to answer some of the questions but rather than ignore their plea, try answer the best I can (as others also do) and it would be helpful if there was a sticky tab where either experts at rspb, or even bto  could spot them and maybe offer the correct advice or answer. They don't need to be a full time observers of the forum as questions on an official page could be flagged up for answer (as with the abuse/spam tab) so they are alerted to these requests for help/advice or urgent action. This would not require much time from one of the limited numbers of staff at rspb if it was on a flag up for assistance alert.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

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    I share your concerns Hazel.

    The sticky tab seems a good idea. And, technically, it would seem relatively easy to set up criteria (length of membership, number of posts, etc. (the forums already generate metrics)) for which forum members could apply the tab.

  • They don't deal with SPAM very quickly, so I doubt they'll be any quicker for helping out here. Anyway, most urgent needs are evenings & weekends when nobody else is around.
    We need to make the forum more user friendly to attract more regular users, who may have skills to help us out.

    Best wishes

    Hazel in the Gironde estuary, France