Yet more SPAM

  • I wonder, if Alan will receive any more info from RSPB Today, re his Kind offer to Moderate..


  • It's doubtful Kate like Ian my last two tweets went unanswered, I think they have no idea what to do about the spam and moderation of the community so are just sticking their heads in the sand.
    I would hate to see what happens to them if anything illegal gets posted after having so many warnings.
    Come 9 I'm ringing to cancel my membership, if they can't run a forum how much money is getting wasted on big conservation projects.

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  • Look what is happening NOW Doh!!!!!and this is a Monday morning.


  • Spoke to switchboard, I asked if it was possible to speak to someone in Digital Doh!! so I get put through to Membership, the kind lady put me back to switchboard, who connected me to a voice mail Grr!!!

    Tis sooooooooo ANNOYING, trying to follow community threads amongst all these spammers.


  • I phoned up on the direct phone number to the RSPB membership and supporter department at the Lodge and straight away put me through to the Digital Team and like you I just got a recorded message. I’m just gobsmacked by this and even phoning up you can’t even get to speak to anyone to raise your concerns, just like you I’m afraid SunnyKate2



  • Well I've contacted the Information Commissioners Office via Twitter to see if they have any say in an organisation running an online community regarding spam and moderation, I don't think they will have but god help the RSPB if they have.

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  • A data breach isn't the same as we are having here but this should be a warning to the RSPB

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  • This disrespect to paying members is beyond a joke - one wonders what would happen if this Spam was being posted in the Osprey Groups rather than more general groups?




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  • I've just had a tweet back fro the RSPB saying the spam has been removed, the last few have gone but not the majority, they don't even look at the community properly, it is beyond a joke.

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  • I don't what they think they've removed. There's still a load on pages 1,2 and 3 also as far back as pages 8 & 9.



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