Swift Nest being destroyed


Can anyone advise?

We have two swift nests in our house (either side under the eaves)

Today we have noticed that one of the nests appears to be being broken up:

Is this normal?


  • Funnily enough, I've currently got a couple of swifts swooping up to the house, looking at the house martin nests, as well as the two swift boxes (that sparrows have used). However, realistically, your birds are house martins as the nest in the photo is a martin nest.

    Three possibilities. Least likely is great spotted woodpecker. Likely in terms of predating nest, but not the usual damage I'd expect to see. The other two options are natural partial collapse or house sparrow interference. Do you have house sparrows?

  • Thanks Robbo.
    Not sure if we have house sparrows. To be fair my thinking that what we have are swifts to now discover they are house martins shows you my level of knowledge on ornithology!

    Funny you should
    Mention the woodpecker though as we do have one in residence. Frequently appears in our apple tree.

    I’ll do some investigating on the house sparrow possibility.


  • Certainly can't rule out woodpecker. If the martins are still going up to the nest, I personally would think that tipped the balance so far that I'd rule it out though.
  • What happened with these nests in the end?