Does anyone else get the RSPB Logo randomly disappearing

  • I knew this would probably happen and I did say at the time about my worries about this. There are at least 2 long serving forum members like myself who where here when these forums launched of whom I miss greatly and have stopped posting for quite a period since this upgrade and I presume it’s because of the upgrade that they aren’t posting any more and these two members where two of the most constructive with there posts.



  • Any more developments on this issue - its becoming a real pain




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  • Indeed Bob, now having to back arrow pages before you get the logo, to get to the main page. Probably quicker now to go to the bottom of the page and go back in via community to get the main page, but that is also a pain!!!!

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    Bobs_Still_Retired said:
    Any more developments on this issue

    No chance. It's still randomly disappearing. I really can't be bothered anymore. Quite why they removed the "Home Page" tab from the blue menu bar is beyond me.



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