Yet another Plea to the IT Team 22 March 2109

On 11th of March Elliott said 

"Yes, of course.

The fix to resolve the Rich Text Format problem is currently in a test version of the community and we are waiting for this to be scheduled and made public. I've chased our developer this morning and hope to have an update later today.

In terms of the default phot size, while I acknowledge the concerns that have been raised, there are currently no plans to change this.

Many thanks,


11 days ago the fix for the Rich Formatting was in a Test version of the Community and it has now been published (on a Friday afternoon) and I may well have missed the announcement of the fix. At last we can reply in Rich Formatting to the Original Poster of a thread, which in itself is good news. 

The bad news is that we STILL cannot reply to the last poster using Rich Format. This just gets worse.

Also on the 11 of March Elliiott said;

"I will look at what we can do to ensure we have a central place for this type of communication. I agree it would definitely simplify the collation of technical and experience issues within the community and give a focal point/destination for these types of things."

Has this been forgotten about?




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