Plea to the IT Team - 8 March 2019


      would it be possible to create a pinned post in the Community Homepage for the reporting of fault issues with the Community Software. 

The principle benefits of this would be:

1: We would have one place to report any issues. Theoretically you are aware of all the current issues but with the greatest respect, every update to the new community has resulted in a series of knock on errors so the Community would have a vehicle in place for the next round. Currently errors are being reported in all sorts of groups an often error reporting is duplicated. Obviously the users would be responsible for ensuring that errors were reported in this pinned thread but we are all quite good at pointing people in the right direction.

2: This might also cut down on the number of times an issue gets reported. It would also be a thread that people could look into whenever they see if their particular problem has already been reported and whether or not a workaraound temporary solution has been found - which has often been the case

3. Probably most importantly, it would mean that the IT team only have one post to look at to discover whether there are any extra problems occurring and that surely would lessen the burden on a stretched resource. It would also assure the Community that you are aware of a problem, which is not the case currently when issues can be reported in any thread. 

4: It would also act as a vehicle for the occasional informal update or comment. 

We appreciate that not everything can be fixed quickly and I guess we expect that some things will never be fixed, certainly not to everyone's total satisfaction But I think it would be a great step forward in assuring the community that everything is being swept up.  A joint co-operation and communication, so to speak.




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  • Morning Bob,

    I will look at what we can do to ensure we have a central place for this type of communication. I agree it would definitely simplify the collation of technical and experience issues within the community and give a focal point/destination for these types of things.


  • It would have been nice for a quick update on last use rich formatting link not working Elliott along with people's concern about photo size default..not a lot of happy campers on here at the minute.

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  • Hi Alan,

    Yes, of course.

    The fix to resolve the Rich Text Format problem is currently in a test version of the community and we are waiting for this to be scheduled and made public. I've chased our developer this morning and hope to have an update later today.

    In terms of the default phot size, while I acknowledge the concerns that have been raised, there are currently no plans to change this.

    Many thanks,

  • Thanks for the reply Elliott
    People are altering the size of their photos anyway so isn't there a compromise to be had and alter the default to 550 and limit the file size to 2mb.

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  • Thanks Elliott
    and Thanks Alan for comments.

    Perhaps Elliott you could comment on the fact that as Alan says many change default to 550,
    is this slowing the site???? as I believe this was one of the concerns.


  • Please can you tell me why when I have opened all my notifications, I now have 2 showing (in the orange circle) but there is nothing there to read. How can they be deleted? Since the update. Thanks.

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  • In reply to Elliott B:

    Elliott B said:
    the default phot size, while I acknowledge the concerns that have been raised, there are currently no plans to change this.

    This snap has been dragged & dropped with no adjustments made to it or to the Insert settings. 

    These are its properties:

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  • How did you do that, Scylla? Whenever I've dragged and dropped a screenshot it defaults to the small size like this



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