Another Pleat to the IT team

Please can you give prompt attention to the "Page Not Found Error" when trying to use the blank reply box at the end of every thread. It is obviously connected with the attempt to make the last reply box applicable to the thread originator rather than the last responder. However it has failed as it is impossible to use the rich formatting - therefore you can neither quote, add a picture or markup text in any way. Interesting a "working respond to originator" box is now available immediately after the first post, but that is of nos use once you are into the second page (and beyond) of a thread. Once again your community is working its way around this bodge as we really do want to hang in here, but these untested additions really are playing havoc and testing a lot of patience.

Secondly can you please readdress the issue of default picture size loading. there are many reports that the current thumbnail standard can take a long time to load the full picture when clicked on - then they also have to be closed. The standard thumbnail size is unviewable and therefore unusable, in our opinion. A larger default display would be much more beneficial to the Community, otherwise some people will not continue to post and it will be havoc when the Osprey season starts.




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  • Agree... RF a nightmare as is posting pics.(sequence)>

    REPLY to an earlier post ( not Last poster)>

    Rich format>


    Web Url to change to upload>

    Change first size>

    Change second size>


    select picture>

    select open.....Yay! we have a pic uploaded BUT 'Oh No we start WHOLE  EIGHT procedures again to post another pic .... 


  • Further to KATE's detailed procedure for uploading pics, and as requested after the introduction of the new forum system, please...

    Insert box:

    Default to File Upload, not Web/URL


    Default size 550 pixels wide (proportionate depth)




    It is very nice to have a choice of fonts, thank you!  However, could we have more varied fonts if similar fonts are removed?  Altho, I have to admit, I don't see it as a priority, but it just struck me as illogical and I've done it now ;-D

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  • Hello,

    The current issue with Rich Text Formatting causing a Page Not Found problem is currently being investigated, I will keep you informed when we know more about a resolution for this.

    I'm sorry that it's causing problems, but we hope to have a solution soon.

  • Elliott
    Thank you for taking time to reply, to both 'Pleas to IT'

    We will plod on,and maybe even become faster with posts of scaps.

    Hope the Rich formatting will not be toooooooo logistical to correct.