A Plea to the IT Community about the latest Upgrade.

  • Just added photos on Hazel's odd and sods thread with rich formatting.
    So checked back on here and I can use the "use rich formatting" link under every post but the last one.

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  • Doh! It is soooooo intermittent.
    I have just posted pic on Barn,but get'Page not found'for this reply.

    Will come back in mo see if it will pic post...


    yep will post


  • Try adding them via another post Kate other than the last box.

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  • In reply to Alan.:

    Sooooooo ... it was you that broke it D!


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  • @Alan But why should we have to go all round the houses,? when it worked fine previously, ( Apart form the size) Grr!!!

    Good job regulars are familiar with the foibles of RSPB.

    See Wendy's now discovered, having to EDIT DOh!!


  • They may be working on the site Kate, for me the reply box has suddenly got bigger.
    It may take one slip in the coding to have a knock on effect.

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  • Mine looks same.

    Re working on site, well it was playing up early morning!!!!

    But maybe it is me again,but when you edit, the post appears under the start of thread post,but does post in coorect place when you finish Reply/send


  • In reply to Elliott B:

    Once again I'm piling in solely from the point of view of an Osprey Forums poster.

    Elliott B said:
    4. Default Picture Sizes - Currently there are no plans to change this. Showing large photos instead of thumbnails has a serious effect on page load speed for all users and is all but unusable on mobile connections. Currently 70% of our website users view the site via a mobile device. It's fairly standard practice across all websites to show small versions of images that can be clicked on when someone wants to see the full image.

    This is unacceptable.  It will make life significantly more difficult both for members who post minute-by-minute updates and for those who can only catch up once or twice a day.

    The default picture size used to be 550 pixels wide and that was acceptable - 90% of the time sufficient detail is displayed, and if anything crucial needs to be enlarged we would adjust the method of upload and size of original picture accordingly, hosting off-site if necessary.

    Elliott B said:
    We've no reason to go against this.

    We have reasons for you to go against this, very valid reasons - I am not being trivial about this, the ease of uploading viewable pictures is very important.

    Respectfully yours.

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  • In reply to Whistling Joe:

    Whistling Joe said:
    The picture dimension default isn't an issue for me as I seldom upload images to the site - I link off to them on Flickr. That way everything seems to sort itself out and they're displayed full width on the screen.

    Ironically, I find that photos which are linked from Flickr take longer to load than those which are uploaded to the site. This may be because they are larger images than than we would upload here. For example this thread from WJ  https://community.rspb.org.uk/placestovisit/minsmere/f/minsmere/200177/snoozing-away-the-winter chugs along at quite a slow rate before all the images are displayed. My internet download speed is about 16Mb/s so not all that slow.



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  • The site won't even load for me now on desktop yet OK on mobile.

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