A Plea to the IT Community about the latest Upgrade.

Would it be too much to ask if you could acknowledge that you are aware of the issues that were caused by the very latest amendment to the Community and if possible give us an idea of if and when they can be rectified.

A viewing figure is no longer available on posts even though the number of replies is on show. 

Quoting is an absolute disaster. Personally I preferred the new system that was recently undone - I'm sure more people could use that system to quote properly than can quote under the latest version.

Under the "old" system the very last reply box on a Thread always assumed that the response was to the Originator and not the last person to reply. It really would help if that could be restored. 

I won't even mention the picture sizes because I can get round that but some of these piecemeal bodges are beginning to make this Community unappealing. I presume that you have no way of testing the effects of any updates that you make until it's too late and that may well be expected with your resources. However, if you are going back to the Software suppliers for improvements, then it's time to ask them to do more testing before patching.

I'm sure that there are other things that others have noticed but this one step forward and two steps back is tiring and frustrating. 

Communication with your members would at least be appreciated.




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  • Well said Bob ... What about showing originator's name more prominently under heading at beginning of new thread instead of  tucked away at right?


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  • I agree with everything you say, Bob and Wendy's addition We'll keep bumping this up until someone takes notice.
    On the Home page I've always thought that "People You May Know" doesn't add any value. I'd sooner see the space utilised for "Top forums"and/or "Top blogs".

    I think with a few more tweaks we might have a usable forum.



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  • In reply to TeeJay:

    Spacing is wrong between lines...

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  • I agree entirely with all you say. Also, I tried to post to the Places to Visit section on Boyton Marshes - sooooo confusing! It wanted a URL in the first box, which rather stumped me - I just wanted to post a single photograph (which I used the Edit box for) ... I hope someone is listening out there.
    Karen B Suffolk
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    Hi Karen

    Did you manage to post your photo to the Boyton group?

    All you have to do is select file upload from the first box

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  • Hi Bob,

    Thanks for your post and for the questions you raise.

    Firstly, I'd like to say that we regularly monitor the posts to see where there may be issues causing our supporters problems and do have a record of these, which we are working through.

    It is my intention to ensure the experience on the community is a good one and that we create a space where people can easily communicate and share their conservation and nature passions with their friends. We've recently taken a massive technical step forward with our software provider following years of not updating the service and we do have a few more "gremlins" than I would like, but rest assured we are working through the key issues as quickly as our resources and budget will allow.

    But, here are a few updates on some of the issues raised in your post:

    1. Viewing figures not working - this is currently being worked and an update should be available very soon for this.

    2. Quoting and Original Posters name - we released changes in the most recent update to deliver pagination to the longer posts, which we felt was a priority for many regular users. This change did mean we saw a change in other features in the community including the quoting process and the location of the original posters name. But we have spoken to the software provider to ensure we can reintroduce these and timings for this are currently being discussed.

    3. Last Reply Box - a change to this to ensure the last post box actually replies to the original post has actually been delivered to us and is currently being tested. This should be released very soon.

    4. Default Picture Sizes - Currently there are no plans to change this. Showing large photos instead of thumbnails has a serious effect on page load speed for all users and is all but unusable on mobile connections. Currently 70% of our website users view the site via a mobile device. It's fairly standard practice across all websites to show small versions of images that can be clicked on when someone wants to see the full image. We've no reason to go against this.

    5. Spacing Between Lines - we'll admit this is a new one on us - but if there are some specific examples of this then we'll add it to the list to investigate and fix.

    6. Uploading Photos - You can either provide a link to the photo in the address field or click 'Upload file' to upload. This seems to be working as expected, but if there are further problems with this then please let us know more.

    I hope this answers some of your questions and we look forward to more improvements very soon.

    best wishes,


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    Elliott B said:
    5. Spacing Between Lines - we'll admit this is a new one on us - but if there are some specific examples of this then we'll add it to the list to investigate and fix.

    Hi Elliott

    It is more noticeable on this thread https://community.rspb.org.uk/placestovisit/lochgartenospreys/f/loch-garten-ospreys/200169/weekly-chat-non-osprey-10-february-2019/1226430#pifragment-4271=1  it is happening when people start a new sentence, it puts a gap in instead of starting under the previous sentence.

    edit..forgot to say thank you to all of you for looking into the problems.

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    Or even in your reply...or should it be like that?

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  • In reply to Alan.:

    Bit like this example of line height www.w3schools.com/.../tryit.asp

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