Community Updates - February 2019

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    Hazel C said:
    Alan. said:
    No the name is missing on the first post Hazel.
    Noisette:  The name of the person who starts the thread does appear, but not within the first post.  It is on the right hand side of the page, or the thread title, and was shown by Alan, here.  But here is a snip as an example

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  • Hello Elliot, you may have read on another thread about the slow speed on the community today. I noticed this first around mid morning, but this evening it is painfully slow! We have noticed that our own download speeds have not been affected, mine in fact was slightly higher. Some are having problems with connections, logging on and messages. Any ideas? What can be done? Thanks.

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    SLOW page test :( 


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  • First impressions are the improvements are slowly working their way through, and it seems more fluid to use.

    However, the "Insert Image/Video File"is still very user unfriendly.


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  • Two other things that are a nuisance:

    I'm having to sign in at least once a day - that seems a recent "bug".

    The Rich Formatting link still not fixed.

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  • I'm still having issues with replying generally, either using plain or rich text, no matter which browser I use.


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  • Mike try clearing your browser cache on one of them and see what happens if you haven't already tried it.

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  • It's the "Use rich formatting" after the last post that doesn't work. You'd think it was an easy fix but it seems not.
    There is a workaround. If you post a single letter in the normal reply box you can then edit your post using RF. We really shouldn't have to be doing this.



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  • Mike is having trouble even using the normal reply box Tony, never mind the's a fair old mess if you ask me.

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  • Saying it's a fair old mess I have to say Flickr is having trouble too, they started moving the videos over to the new servers about 10 days ago and they are still not working.

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